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Stewardship Map: Sync It With Google Calendar!

Sync Your Stewardship Map

With Google Calendar Today!

Now, your prayerful commitments for the week go straight into your calendar!

To continue to help you execute your stewardships, we are excited to now offer integration with Google Calendar! What does that mean? Subscribers, after creating their Weekly Stewardship Map, can have their stepping stones automatically populate within their Google Calendar account.

Throughout the hustle and bustle of your week, the missional priorities you have established will be right at your fingertips, waiting for you in your calendar – whether it be on your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. 

As a Subscriber, your "Settings" page allows you to connect your Stewardship Map to your Google Calendar by clicking the "login" button. You will then be prompted to sign in with your Google login and password. 

In recent weeks, we also announced the ability to receive daily and weekly notifications of your Stewardship Map – to see more about that functionality, click here. (If you're not receiving your daily emails with your stepping stones, please check your spam.)

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more exciting updates to the tools on the DNA of a Leader platform!

If you aren't yet subscribed to DNA of a Leader, don't miss the opportunity to gain access to tools like the Stewardship Map, as well as the entire DNA of a Leader course and an extensive set of tools and resources to help you, your church, or your organization grow like never before. 

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