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Altar Growth Focus

The Altar is where spiritual transactions take place. Our personal Altars, though, can deteriorate because of distractions, discouragement, or even indifference.

As you look to grow in your Personal Altar in the coming season, consider the following: 

1. Are you spending time daily with Jesus and in His Word? If not, establish a daily rhythm of your altar time. Determine when and where you'll spend that time, and begin by worshiping Him and inviting His presence into every area of your life. 

2. Is there anything that is threatening your Personal Altar? Sometimes we allow hurry or busyness to take the time of our Altar. If so, identify what that threat is, and take a season to focus on eliminating that from your life.

3. Build a Personal Altar before a Corporate Altar: if you're a leader of a church, a ministry, an organization, or even your home – spend time alone with God before you try to lead others into His presence. 

Take a look at what Pastor Jim Cymbala of the Brooklyn Tabernacle says about spending time with Him below. 

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